Sunday, July 10, 2011

Press Release - Formal Public Announcement

NEWS PRESS RELEASE {For Immediate Release}

Democrat Benzie Johnson to Run for Albany County Executive

in November's Election As A Write-In Candidate

Monday, July 11, 2011 
10:00 am


    I am publicly and formally announcing that I am running for Albany County Executive in November's General Election as a write-in candidate.  One of my issues is Abandoned Buildings throughout the County of Albany.  Although I understand there are several levels of government laws that need to be adhered to, I believe that Albany County can be the catalyst of change in this area, starting with changing county laws regarding the time frame for the County to step in.  I will also work in conjunction with the state level in revising state tax laws and their time frames, as well as city government, so that every level of government can start the rehabilitation process that much faster.  Blighted conditions are a symptom of neglect that gets passed on to the County and due to certain laws, the blight only continues on.  I will eradicate blighted conditions, by putting everyone to work on our County's housing stock, roads and beautification of those areas.   My administration's plans will cut through the red-tape.  Revised laws are the necessary components that will help eradicate the issue of blight and at the same time provide necessary jobs to those who would like to work in their county.  

    Another one of my issues is wasteful spending.  "Demolition by Neglect" is a form of wasteful spending, since your tax dollars could have been put to use for other under supplied services that directly affect you, if they had been efficient in preventative maintenance methods.  The residents need to look at the fact that the problems are not being corrected, and one opponent just wants to shift the problems from the city level up to the county level, at the expense & peril of the residents who want to or need to live here. 

    As Albany County Executive I will address the issues the county residents need addressed, not the political agenda of a political party, political group or politically connected union.  I am the only true candidate who will do right by the residents, ensuring their safety and well-being come first, not their wallets. My Administration will transform how Albany County operates, by establishing new levels of standards for a functional, uncorrupted county government and by demanding a level of performance in service that will meet the residents expectations and exceed them.  I am not, and will not be part of the status quo. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


First Ward Residents and Albany Friends, There will be an AIM FOR PEACE RALLY in response to the homicide/stabbing last Saturday night. It is very important that we have a large turn out for this community event. We want to send a message that we are not accepting of violence in our neighborhood. Please pass this on. MAY 6TH, 2011, 7P.M. Hoffman Park - Near Basketball Courts

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joseph Henry Science Fair

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My daughter Anndriana won a 3rd place award and trophy winner in the Joseph Henry Science Fair held at the College of St. Rose on March 25, 2011. She won in the Individual Science Fair Project (4-6 grade).  Congratulations to all the winners!
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Gift FYI

Illinois Target StoreImage via Wikipedia
Air Hogs Video Cam helicopter can be found at Target across from Colonie Center $49.99 there are on an endcap in the toy section and they have many left
Loopz game Target same as above location  - not sure on price many left at the top of a toy aisle
Super Scribblenauts nintendo ds game - Target same as above location. $29.99 several left.

It had come to my attention that many people were looking for these items and could not find them at Toys R Us, so I'm letting every Santa's helper know where they can find them to help continue to spread good Holiday Cheer and Joy and the Spirit of the Holiday season. Happy Holidays to All!! (Disclaimer - I am not promoting Target and have no affiliation with them, I just believe in making sure every child has a christmas they can remember. Let me know if this was helpful. Enjoy!

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