Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thank You

I would like to say thank you to all of my supporters over the years, and to all my campaign volunteers who worked so hard in achieving our mission and we did just that. We definitely had the best campaign of them all this year, and I personally feel that we won, based on the fact that we did our best, and made even more people aware of the problems that face our residents. We won because even more residents now know that I had the resolutions to the issues; we won because we did not cave in and quit running due to the wrongdoing that was done to my campaign and family, and yes this is all true, we held strong over these past five years and still ran. No one can take that away from us, no matter how hard they tried to threaten us, and my campaign workers jobs. We won, because we had the strength and courage to continue on and that is the sign of a true leader, none of my other opponents would have been able to do that; and to those who said "over my dead body will you run for mayor again", well I did it, and your not dead yet. My message here is clear to all young people and everyone alike, that if you want to do something in your life, because you want to, do not let anyone stand in your way of it. Those that knock it, mock it and make fun of you for it, are just jealous and insecure with themselves that they would not be strong enough to do something like that, and so they can't have anyone else do that either, for it makes them feel uncomfortable and bad about themselves and gives them a false sense of control and superiority by degrading you about it. Be strong and fight on; you never know who you will inspire by your positive actions. I hope that I have inspired many residents. Even though the election is over, my fight for the residents will never die, and I will be venturing into another avenue for the residents. Any future candidates that want to run for mayor or any position who need assistance, advice, etc. please contact me at Thank you again, but unfortunately, I have to say this, now you are once again in the hands of a reprobative city government.


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