Monday, October 26, 2009

Write In Vote Directions For Old Voting Machines

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When voting on November 3rd, be sure to bring a black or blue pen with you. If you forget to bring a pen, and there is no pen in the booth, ask a poll worker for a pen. Upon entering the voting booth please do your write in vote first. 1. Press and hold in the silver button at the top of the left hand column of the voting machine. At the same time, slide the silver door slot open that is directly to the left of the title/label for mayor. 2. Once the door is slid open, hold it open with one hand and then release the silver button. (If the sliding door accidently closes on you, just start again). 3. Once the door is open, there should be paper exposed in that slot for you to write on. (It is important to remember that the candidates' name must be spelled correctly and written in full, including both the first and last name for your vote to be counted as valid). 4. Write on the paper in the slot, Benzie Johnson. Let go or reslide the door closed, and your write-in vote is complete. Remember to bring these directions with you, and program your phone now, with my Speak Up line number (518)512-1329 to hear a recording of these directions over the phone on Nov. 3rd, and my Direct Access line (518)253-1028 to call if you encounter any problems voting. Need a ride to the polls call (518)438-8282. I thank you.
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