Monday, December 6, 2010

Send an E-mail to all the Ward Leaders and the Mayor (Albany, NY) to Save the Public Bath #2

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Calling all Albany New York residents.  Send the following message to all below now:

Message:{DO NOT VETO the funding for Public Bath #2. Give it another year to allow grants that have been found to fund the bath, Keeping it open for its intended purpose and start the city programs planned for the South End that never happened. Thank you} 

Share this post w/everyone you know.

We need the common council and the mayor's help today to keep the bath open, and they will need our help tomorrow to keep their jobs.  

Dominick Calsolaro Ward 1 -

Lester Freeman Ward 2 -  

Ronald E. Bailey Ward 3 -  

Barbara Smith  Ward 4 - 

Jacqueline Jenkins-Cox  Ward 5 - 

Richard Conti  Ward 6 - 

Catherine Fahey Ward 7 - 

John Rosenzweig Ward 8 - 

James Sano Ward 9 - 

Leah Golby Ward 10 -       

Anton Konev Ward 11 -      

Michael O'Brien Ward 12 -        

Daniel Herring Ward 13 - 

Joseph Igoe Ward 14 - 

Frank Commisso, Jr. Ward 15 - 

Carolyn McLaughlin (Common Council President) - 

Mayor Jennings - 

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