Monday, September 14, 2009

My literature minus the graphics

Hello, I'm Benzie Johnson. You may remember that I am a Democrat who ran for Mayor in 2005. The Bottom Line is that Albany cannot move forward until the issues that anger the residents are addressed and eradicated and as your mayor I will do that and more. The residents needs, well-being and safety come first, not their pockets. My administration will transform how Albany operates from the inside out, by establishing new levels of standards for a functional, uncorrupt city government and demanding a level of performance in service that will meet the residents expectations and exceed them. I will not be part of the status quo. I have no ties to the incumbent and will not continue his methods of operation like my opponents. I, like thousands of you are ready for life after the incumbent and having a safe, prosperous life in an affordable Albany and that's why I'm running for Mayor to make that a reality; to give peace of mind back to our residents; establish a state of order, safety and protection for all, in a newly rebuilt city now, not 20 years from now. I have great concern for the needs and welfare of the residents, not a political agenda like my opponents. I bring innovation, strong leadership qualities, and self-motivation to the table. I have the dedication, vision, commitment and responsibility necessary to represent our diverse residents and to get the job done once and for all. Your vote for a new effective mayor will welcome new opportunities and possibilities for a functional administrative body in city hall and a thriving self-sustaining community, that has not been in existence for the past 16 years. We need to be more than just residents of Albany, we need to become active participants in our own life's course with the city's government. We are worthy of much more, than what the incumbent has dished out to us. Maybe residents aren't angry enough, because they keep on complaining about the same problems they are accepting, by becoming complacent with them, standing by and allowing them to continue. Ask yourself, what course of action do you plan on taking to improve your life's situation, to change your experiences within the city? Let's start by electing a new mayor who will reopen the police stations, like I will. Do you keep gettin angry with the same problems under the current mayor? Then on Nov. 3rd, take your anger to the voting booths and turn it into a positive experience; vote by writing in Benzie Johnson. I will be a mayor who will satisfy the residents expectations, so the residents will be able to satisfy their ambitions. We cannot keep electing/appointing people repeatedly, who are on all the same committees and task forces and expect a different end result; it's not going to happen. One can make a difference, change how and what you do, to get the end results you need. See the contrasts between the candidates and vote accordingly. Write in your vote - Benzie Johnson! Life after the incumbent is only your vote away on Nov. 3rd show your power by writing in your vote for Benzie Johnson. ____ You already have certain expectations of how you want your city to be for your, and how you need to be treated by a new mayor. I ask that you take action on your expectations, by writing in your vote for Benzie Johnson. My innovative plans of action will make the necessary improvements in all areas, to turn this city around from its downward spiral, putting an end to an era of political strong-arm tactics and the roadblocks that impeded Albany's progress. By my running for mayor, I have reinstilled hope and the "will to win" in the residents because the residents know they will win, when I am mayor. I am the optimum choice for mayor, the one who understands that the residents are the key and that I back the residents, not a political organizations agenda. Don't let your choice be made for you by not voting. Choose to have a new positive experience, vote Benzie Johnson, the clear choice for mayor with the optimal direction for Albany. Win one for yourself. Obtaining it starts with the power of your write in vote. ______ After tomorrow, I will post easy directions on how to do a write in vote. ______ One Can Make a Positive Difference Change How and What You Do To Get The Result You Need! ______ Have you already made plans for what your new mayor is going to be accomplishing for You? ______ Remember What top 5 issues anger you about the city that needs to be addressed to help your personal situation in Albany. The incumbent's "Better Albany" is not good enough and his promises aer empty and unfulfilled, leaving the residents dissatisfied - it's simply not working. It's one reason I'm running for For Mayor. All residents in favor of a "Safe, Prosperous Life in an Affordable Albany" let me know. I invite you to e-mail,, and call my "Speak Up" voice message line, (518) 512-1329, to acknowledge your support, give suggestions and voice your concerns. When you call, the "Speak Up" line will give you an informational message about where I will be during My Community Forum Tour. My Direct Access line, (518) 253-1028, will give you the accessibility and convenience you need to speak directly with me on the city's issues, now and throughout my entire term as mayor. Choose a positive mayoral experience that will leave you with more money in your wallet, satisfied with service, safer, plus no strong-arm tactics are required with Johnson as Mayor. Let's Make History Together Elect Benzie Johnson Our Mayor. _____ This is my literature, including the previous post of reasons to vote Johnson, that has been handed out, minus the write in instructions that I will post after the primary. For all those that did not receive it, I am making it readily available here to read, and I thank you for your support and efforts. May your Choice be Johnson.

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