Friday, September 4, 2009

The Optimum Choice for Mayor w/ the Optimal Direction for Albany

Reasons to Vote Benzie Johnson our Mayor: 1. Transform How Albany Operates from the Inside Out 2. Establish new levels of standards for a functional, uncorrupt city government and demand a level of performance in service that will meet the residents expectations and exceed them. 3. Rebuild the entire City within a 4-8 year window. 4. Eliminate the "red-tape" for getting in on bids & make it easier for entrepreneurial plumbers, electricians, etc. to obtain permits to work in Albany. 5. Open an employment training center for all ages. 6. Partner up with residents to start up businesses in each neighborhood. Entrepreneurship is one key to a thriving self-sustaining community. I will not wait for businesses to come to Albany, together we will start them ourselves. Responsibility Gets the Job Done! 7. I will give peace of mind back to our residents by establishing a state of order, out of the current chaos within our city and by establishing a state of safety and protection for all residents in our neighborhoods, by appointing a new chief of police and reopening both stations; and hiring more police officers to cover all shifts. (Even though Tuffey has since stepped down as of this post, I will still appoint a new chief of police). 8. Equip all police vehicles with audio and video dashcams. 9. Bring on board more police dogs that sniff out other materials, such as gunpowder. 10. Change the officers daily operations; and have more effective supervisors on all levels and implement a new level of standards for officers to abide by that will be enforced. 11. Resolve neighborhood flooding using permeable pavers, installing a combined pipe system, (where needed), and "greening" our rooftops and curbsides which gives another layer of water absorption, and putting in cutouts in curbing to allow another outlet for rainwater absorption. (I am the only candidate speaking about this, Jennings administration in a TU article on Elberon Place stated that there was nothing you could do about it, it was going to continue to happen. Once my literature circulated, jennings people flip-flopped on this issue and said that they would get federal money to solve the problem, and put in water retention ponds. When I talked to the media about this issue, then jennings administration was going to then put in the now water basins. It seems that I always have to show the solutions, in order to get jennings to say or act upon anything. 12. Snow removal - the city under my administration will clean the sidewalks, roads and corners for year long accessibility for everyone. 13. Together we will refinance you household budget deficit caused by the incumbent's irresponsible and excessive tax and spend plan, by lowering property taxes, reducing fees and fines and eliminating many parking meters and paid city lots. 14. I opposed the landfill expansion; we need proper recycling methods of household and construction waster materials, along with shredding it; have a materials recovery facility and enforcing our recycling methods with other municipalities intake to eliminate early fill up, or no more outside intake. This information is on my literature, and I will post the rest in the coming days.

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