Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Choices and Experiences - Part II

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Food for thought: Experience #1: Can you park in front of your own house? Do you have to pay to park your car overnight; or if you live downtown, and you were home sick for the day, did you have to find an alternative spot to park, just to avoid a ticket? Is the incumbent trying to get parking meters installed in your neighborhood, in front of your house? Have you ever parked you car in a legitimate parking space, only to come outside to see that your car was towed anyway, and possibly while you were not looking, no parking signs were put in place, because of an event, snow removal, or overnight work, and then the incumbent's people lie to you when you inquire about it? Are you tired of being parking metered to death at every turn? Experience #2: Have you ever called the mayor's office, and you could not believe the unprofessional manner in which your call was handled? Are you tired of the run around? Are you tired of messages never reaching their destination? Experience #3: Do you wish you had the authority to do something about those boarded up buildings on your block? The incumbent did, and you see where we are today, because of it. Experience #4: Have you ever been harassed by certain police officers? Have they ever said to you that you don't look like you live here, you better go home, move along, and you were standing in front of your own house the whole time? I will put cops out on the street that know their job and can apply that knowledge in any situation. I am here to serve and protect the residents civil liberties. Experience #5: Has your car or walkway ever been plowed in by the City after you just shoveled out? Has it ever made you miss an appointment, or make you late for work or school because of it? Did it cause you to feel frustrated and angry? Are you tired of waiting for the bus out in the road, putting your safety at risk, because the snow banks are too high, and the pedestrian walkway or corner is not shoveled out? Are you tired of missing the bus, because of high snow banks and because the bus driver won't wait until you find a way around the snow bank, just leaving you there out in the cold? If the snow banks weren't there, you would have made the bus right? Remember that I am aligned with the residents and the issues that affect their personal situations. Safety of the residents is a priority. Experience #6: Has your car ever been towed without advanced public notice due to an event, an emergency, or snow removal? Is this the only way the city can generate revenue, off the residents" backs? Are you tired of getting parking tickets during snow emergencies? Are you tired of the inconveniences the incumbent is putting you through, just to make a buck off of you? When I am mayor, towing will be a last resort during the winter months for snow removal, the plows will go around your car, and the city is going to remove the majority of the snow from around your vehicle also. I, like thousands of you are tired of the incumbent and his ways. The incumbent always has a blind eye, or a deaf ear too conveniently to what his people are doing. If a plow comes through four times during the day on your street, and the snow stopped falling, then the job was done during the day right? So why would a plow come through again for a fifth attempt in the evening to redo a side that is already done? The answer, wasteful spending, unnecessary overtime payments, and also so the police could write tickets to get even more of your money. The police car in my area did not use a bullhorn to let residents know to move their cars, contrary to what the incumbent says happens, it's not happening. The message from the incumbent is buckle under or pay the price. The tickets are just a blatant abuse of authority with flagrant disregard to the residents. Fight back by booting the incumbent out of office. Your wallet will thank you. I have the perception necessary to eradicate many aggrieved residents grievances. I think about the people and their situation first. The incumbent has done nothing about many of these experiences I have heard about, or experienced myself for 16 years. People are through with the incumbent and his snail's pace, they are not going to wait anymore. You have the authority with the power of your vote, to change these experiences into positives ones. It is time to elect a person people trust to get the job done once and for all. Don't let your choice be made for you by not voting. Choose to Vote! Choose Benzie Johnson, he is the optimum choice for mayor, with plans for the optimal direction for Albany.

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