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The residents can and will bring about new opportunities to experience right here in the City of Albany, just by voting responsibly. Responsibility is not just a word, it requires actions to utilize it. Elected officials who are not capable of utilizing their responsibility to the people, should have that responsibility taken away from them, and not be voted back into office. People are the key. Responsibility is not passing the buck, but being capable of taking the blame for something that has happened, and not sweeping it under the rug. Responsibility is also having the authority to act and being able to make decisions independently. When you are in a responsible position, it means that you are in charge; you are reliable and able to be counted on to get the job done; your rational and accountable for your actions; to be conscientious and trustworthy enough to hold that position. You are elected to be diligent in performing your tasks. That you are deserving of the residents trust, and that you are able to be trusted. Certain elected officials have the title and status they wanted, but they lack the characteristics necessary to fill that job. All of the residents in Albany are the important key factors when it comes to elections. The residents have the power to elect or reject the candidate that is put before them. We need to be reminded of that periodically. If you feel that you have been ignored, neglected or done wrong in any way, by the incumbent or his administration, then reject them and elect Johnson. The residents of Albany should not feel resentment, powerlessness or hostility, because they feel they cannot change their situations. They can, with the power of choice plus their vote on a new mayor. They can finally feel relief and feel empowered. The current administration has missed the mark on all counts and failed to successfully complete their mission for the residents. It does not take 16 years to get settled in to a mayoral position to start acting upon your duties to the residents. The residents are through with the excuses. It's the voters duty to vote for a candidate who will obtain a successful outcome in completing the mission for the residents. I have the ambition, determination and commitment to fulfill the goals of the residents today, not 15-20 years from now. The residents have served a long hard sentence under the current administration, and it is time the residents were released. The residents and I, together will have Albany functioning at its most efficient way in years. We need to maximize efficiency and proficiency in City Hall on every level of operation. Accountability of all will return only when a new mayor is in office. The mayor to the council members on down will be held accountable to act on behalf of the residents and voters; they will be required to explain their actions, or lack thereof to all the residents, or expect not to have that position much longer by being asked to leave that position. My administration will establish transparency. We will eliminate political roadblocks and "neighborhood boundaries" to get something done in the city. Our innovative plans of action will link the city together and put an end to political abuses against the residents. Together, Albany will function efficiently and proficiently by transforming how Albany operates on all levels; that's progress in action. Responsibility gets the job done and accountability will also be established. I actively listen to all the residents and respond positively. My open door policy and Direct Access line (518) 253-1028; and our Speak up message line (518) 512-1329 are instrumental in expanding the lines of communication and information. Our residents, walkability, restoring order and establishing a state of protection and safety, are the key factors for a quality life. We all want Albany to be a place that people want to live in and come to, to relax, to play and to enjoy a pleasing moment in life; something that we all live for; but unfortunately, because of the incumbent and his administration, we are surrounded by our disorderly, out of control urban city. My administration is here to restore order, establish a state of protection and safety in our schools and in our neighborhoods. Ask yourself these questions and vote accordingly:
  • Is the incumbent running the City satisfactorily, meeting an adequate standard?
  • Is the incumbent and his administration showing consideration or thoughtfulness to the residents in voicing their opinions in relation to the city?
  • Is the incumbent committed to improving the lives of all residents in Albany?
  • Does the incumbent have concern for the needs, well-being, and interests of the residents first?
  • Is it necessary for you to vote for the incumbent because you are obligated to, or you will lose your job within the city or elsewhere or you will lose certain privileges to use within the city? If you answered yes to any part of that question, then you need to free yourself from the chains that you are binding yourself with.
  • Is the incumbent an impractical person, who rejects the considerations of the residents in pursuit of his own personal and political agenda - in which his ethical decision making needs to be questioned?
The incumbent has neglected his responsibility to serve the people. This election send a message to City Hall that says we will not be neglected another nanosecond. It's time to wake up, take charge of your life, and stop the abuse of authority by the incumbent and his administration. The freedom of choice is yours, lets start using it! If you answered no to one or more questions, then the answer is clear. May your choice be Benzie Johnson.

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