Thursday, June 4, 2009


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I'm Benzie Johnson. You may remember that I am a Democrat who ran for Mayor as a write-in candidate in 2005 and  2009. There are a multitude of issues that need to be addressed in our City, all of which are important. I will be addressing many issues that face our city's residents, and those that affect the city as a whole. I have been out talking with the residents over the years and currently about issues that are personally affecting their quality of life in Albany. Many of these issues are not even being discussed by other mayoral candidates. The most important factor in our city are the residents, for without them there would be no city. Due to the incumbent's irresponsible methods of operation many residents who were able to leave did, and those of us who choose to stay are demanding Quality of Life Now, not 20 years from now. I want all of our residents to know, that I will not be part of the status quo, and I will not continue the incumbent's inept, irresponsible methods of operation, like my opponents will. I believe that Responsibility Gets the Job Done, and I, as Mayor, will get the job done once and for all. The residents are not waiting anymore. It's long overdue for a new mayor, and a new administration. Shawn Morris & Corey Ellis had their years in office working under the incumbent, and they did not bring about the necessary change for Albany. They also could have made mention of the issues they are talking about now during their terms as council members and chose not to, instead they waited until they were running for mayor. If these issues were known before now, then why did they not discuss them. Would you want someone to be mayor who waited for years to address a problem? I think not.
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