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Choices and Experiences - Cut Jennings Out

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Would you like to experience all the good things life had to offer, the way life is meant to be lived? It is a reality that you have the choice of choosing your next mayoral experience in Albany, be it good or bad. Wouldn't you want yourself, your children, and your family, to experience opportunities and a quality life starting now? YES! Each time I posed this question to residents, the answer was always YES! It breaks all barriers. So then I asked, why are you waiting? You must believe that the situation is not hopeless, the chance and the choice is there for the taking, so take it. The freedom of choice should not be bought or threatened, by anyone. The threats of loosing your job if you vote for someone else other than the incumbent days are over when a new mayor gets into office. The fear that is instilled in people if they don't vote for the incumbent and his chosen people, is an unacceptable and unnecessary way of life. There are many people who are living everyday under this political persecution, and it is a violation of their rights. Another issue is the inability for a person to get a problem fixed by the city. Have you ever called city hall to report a problem, only to be given the run around? Has your phone message been thrown out or not forwarded, or not returned? Have you ever called to speak with the incumbent who is never aware of your problem and he doesn't listen either. Detailed explanations are given to him, and he still asks if you called the party you already mentioned. If he was listening he would have heard that you did, and this matter is 1-3 months old by now. Push it away it might go away is how the incumbent operates, or out of sight out of mind. You need to be strong and press the issue with him, which then gets him aggravated, and he gives you a "shut up answer" just to get you off of the phone, for example, just put it in writing to me if it's that important to you, and send the letter directly to me. Why, so it can get lost on his desk, prolonging the problem longer than necessary; and don't think that today's technology will get you an answer any faster, because people have sent the incumbent e-mails to address their problems, and he did not read the e-mails either. There is gross lack of communication in city hall at best. All these problems are fixable with myself as mayor. These are the complaints I have heard the residents talk about and address with me. These unprofessional and unacceptable practices will cease immediately when I am mayor. The common council would be glad to have me as mayor, things can finally get done for the people, the council members could get their FOIL requests answered, and obtain information they need in a timely fashion. With the incumbent out, it's a win, win situation for everybody. Let's not lose sight of the fact that many common council members, complain about the mayor prior to their own re-election year, or election for a new position for themselves, making it look like they have removed or distanced themselves from the incumbent, when in reality they did not. They do it because they know that the residents are fed up with the incumbent, and the common council members need the residents to vote themselves back in. Once they are re-elected, back to the incumbent they will go. Not anymore. This political tactic will not be necessary when Johnson wins Mayor of Albany, and it makes good business sense as well. The Times Union newspaper would be glad to have a new mayor, then they could finally get their FOIL requests and information they needed to report the entire story. Here is something else. Residents and businesses are aware that the city's accounting practices are deplorable. But did you know, that certain businesses who rendered services to the city did not get paid and are still owed money years later. The incumbent doesn't talk about that. These businesses would finally get paid for their services from me, when I am mayor. All of the city's current problems could have been solved by the incumbent, he had over 16 years to do so, and he chose not to. The problems are never addressed and they still remain today. It has been proven with his record, that he failed the residents miserably. The next question is why would you want to experience it any further in your life? Would you not want a better experience with a new mayor in office. Do you want to continue living in hardship, with no opportunities at all to help your life; dirty streets with crime running amuck, while the current administration continues to ignore and neglect the needs of the residents and the city? Must be, if you do not vote a different mayor in who can perform and deliver; it will only continue to get worse with the incumbent in office. Save yourself the agony. Give yourself permission to start living that life now, by voting me as your mayor. You are worthy and deserving of having good experiences in life, no excuses. Life is too short to live in fear, or fear of retaliation from the incumbent or anyone. You can erase many of the negative aspects of the city from your life by electing myself, Benzie Johnson. Remember, I do not answer to the incumbent, I answer to a higher authority, and therefore my actions are and will be as mayor extremely different from those of the incumbent, ensuring that quality of life we all need, through actions, not awards that someone pays hundreds or thousands of dollars to apply for.
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